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Child Care & Early Education

Rates start at $40.00 a day for full time care.

We are a small child care setting. I am licensed for 6 children under the age of 5 at any one time and may have 1-2 school age children enrolled.  

Bizzy Bee's Family Child Care is a Let's Move Child Care. We Strive for 5 everyday by getting outside and enjoying physical activity, limiting screen time, serving healthy and nutritious snacks and meals, beverages are milk and water available throughout the day, and I support a mother's choice to breastfeed her baby by working with her to safely store and feed her breast milk and by providing an area for her to breastfeed her child or to pump.

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Bizzy Bee's Family Child Care is an Eco-Healthy Child Care. What does that mean? It means I take extra care to provide your child with the healthiest and least toxic environment as possible. From BPA free bottles and cups, radon testing, to lead free paint I am always researching ways to make the environment safer for the children in care.

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My Program

Children are not required to sleep, but must refrain from bothering the other children that may be sleeping or resting and may choose a quiet activity to do by themselves. 

Infants are able to sleep on their own schedule.

Each child is provided his/her own bedding – cot, pillow, sheets and blanket. Infants have their own pack n play. Items are kept separate and are washed when soiled and at least weekly.

Children are monitored while sleeping and are with an adult if they do not nap.

Hands are washed upon arrival to the child care, before meals and snacks, food preparation, after using the bathroom, sneezing/wiping/coughing into hands and after diapering. 

Each child has their own clean hand towel everyday.

Meals, Snacks Beverages

Nutritious and balanced meals are provided in accordance with the USDA guidelines with the exception of breast milk for infants or a preferred formula/food by parent and foods for children with special dietary needs.

 I do not serve juice, hot dogs, baloney, commercial chicken nuggets or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

Cereals are whole grain.

Meals include the following components:
​ Breakfast: grain, fruit, milk

                     AM & PM Snack -  grain and milk

                     Lunch: protein, grain, 2 vegetables and/or fruits & milk

Fresh, cold water is available all day.